Finding Fairtrade products in Ipswich

  • The Fairtrade Shop is a great starting point for those interested in finding Fairtrade products in Ipswich. It is a small and friendly shop staffed by volunteers, and has a huge range of products – food, drinks, gifts, toiletries, household items, greetings cards, fashion, music (and musical instruments if you’re feeling particularly inspired!) and much more. They also offer a sale or return service, for example if your organisation would like to have a stall at an event, so that fairly traded goods can reach a wider audience.  You can find more information about the shop on their website.


  • Of course Fairtrade goods are available in many other shops, though sometimes they take slightly more hunting out than at the Fairtrade Shop!! Fairtrade products are available in the majority of the major supermarkets, as well as large shops such as Marks & Spencer and Debenhams – just ask for their Fairtrade cotton items.


  • The Ripple Food Co-Op, which is a voluntary community project, opens once a fortnight on Saturdays in Tower Street, Ipswich. They sell vegetarian and organic wholefoods, locally or ethically sourced. Products come in bulk (meaning it is usually cheaper than supermarket prices), so shoppers weigh out their own goods – brown paper bags are available for this but it is usually best to bring a few containers with you. And there’s always someone on hand to help out any newcomers who might need it! They have a Fairtrade cafe, so you can sit down for a nice cup of tea after your shop.


  • The Fairtrade Group is in the process of setting up a scheme for Ipswich shops and businesses, whereby they can display a sticker to advertise their sale of Fairtrade goods – watch out for more information! If you are involved with a business and would like to send us your information for the scheme and/or to be listed on the site, please get in touch.

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